I’ve gotten a couple messages about people translating my Dark Girls looks into real life! If you’ve done that, please send to me, I’d love to post them! It’s so flattering that people are responding so positively. Thank you all for your support <3

04.12.14 /18:22/ 16549
04.12.14 /18:20/ 7037

I’ve listed this original painting in my shop :) Thank you to everyone who has bought stuff so far!

i went to school with celine! her work is just as gorgeous as ever. 
04.09.14 /23:14/ 45

I forgot to post this one! I really am thinking about retiring the other faces from this series and just going with this face/skin tone. It’s more faithful to why I started this series. 

Part of my Dark Girls beauty illustration series. Partially inspired by face charts used by beauty brands and how representation matters to little black girls growing up. 

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Canvas  by  andbamnan